I was prepared for the snow

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Somehow I must have known it was going to snow this week because last weekend I got out the snow shovels and put the garden tools away and turned off the outdoor water spigots and rolled up the hoses.

I put most of the outdoor type chairs and tables away and brought the terracotta flower pots inside after I removed the plants.

I even stopped at the dry cleaners and picked up our winter coats. The whole time I was thinking that I am way ahead of schedule this year because it isn’t even Halloween yet.

Speaking of Halloween I laughed when someone compared this week’s snowfall with the Halloween snowstorm of 1991. Not even close. On  Halloween, in 91 we got 28 inches of snow in the metro area and 37 inches in the northern part of the state.

The 1991 storm lasted a couple of days and as I recall the snow all melted before we got more. This time around it isn’t melting so fast and it fell 11 days earlier but it is 2020 so we can say it is normal. I understand we are going to break some records for cold and snow in the next few days.

There are still green leaves on some of the trees and the flowers on my porch are still alive and blooming.

Maybe the fall weather will return. Anything is possible, especially this year.

fall on the walking path
Taken on Monday before the snow Upper Landing Park
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