Nature is cheaper than therapy

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I was going to write about how I don’t sanitize my groceries and I never have even though I watched that video with the doctor who said we could get COVID-19 from our groceries.

I do wear a mask and I wash my hands and I take care to stay at least six feet away from people even though the president of the United States considers COCID-19 a blessing I would rather avoid getting infected and it does control my life.

Instead, I am going to write about how important it is to go outside even in the winter I feel fortunate that even though I live in a city I can go for long walks along the river and I don’t have to go far to get to a lake or some woods.

The pictures were taken in Northern Minnesota mostly in or near Grand Marias. There is more nice weather headed our way this weekend and I plan on spending as much of it outside as I can.

Lake superior college
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