Moving away isn’t the only answer

st. paul and mississippi river
St. Paul, MN

Don’t get me wrong it is good for business but it seems like people would rather move if they don’t like something about their neighborhood than stay and try to change it.

Maybe your neighborhood and your neighbors need you.

It is all of us who make up a neighborhood and I know from first-hand experience that all of us can work together to make our neighborhoods better places to live.

We can’t move a dangerous or noisy road but we can have the speed limit reduced or the road redesigned.

People want to move away from areas where there is civil unrest. We live in a society that is unjust and we either need to change it or face the consequences.

Climate change may eventually force people to move. People are already planning so that they can move to places that will offer a more comfortable climate and safer conditions.

We will all need to change the way that we live and how we use water and what we eat or none of us will have a place to live. There are some problems that are too big to move away from like pandemics.

Work toward changing the world by voting on November 3rd or go down to your county election office and vote on Monday.

Don’t expect that the people who get elected will solve all or any of our problems. Having good leaders is just a start. We will all need to do the work.

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