Got chickens?

I haven’t written about chickens for a few years. I have a nearby neighbor who raises chickens and another neighbor who has sheep.

Real estate is local and so are the regulations regarding backyard chickens. The regulations are at the city level. In some Minnesota cities, backyard chickens are not allowed. In others, they are only allowed on acreage.  In St. Paul chickens are allowed but a permit is needed and all neighbors within 150 feet of the are notified and 75% of those neighbors have to approve. The city has rules for the chicken coop size, height, and setback on the lot.

There are rules about how to store the chicken feed so that rodents don’t get into it and the chickens have to be cared for.

There are a lot of rules and information on the city web site.  There are chickens half a block from where I live and some sheep half a block away. I never hear the chickens but they get loose every now and then and I see then on the sidewalk.

If you have a complaint about chickens or other animals call:
Animal Control Center
1285 Jessamine Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55108

If you don’t live in St. Paul check with your city to see if chickens are allowed. Don’t forget that you can buy fresh eggs a the St. Paul farmer’s market.

Chicken photo by Sara Kerr
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