First time home buyers young and old

old brick building and new apartment building
Panama Flats and Irvine Exchange apartments

The best part of my job is when I get to work with first time home buyers and I have worked with many first time homebuyers, probably more than 100.

Yesterday a local teacher and client of mine closed on a beautiful loft downtown St. Paul. She turned 30 a few months ago. The average age of first-time homebuyers is around 33 and the median age of home buyers last year was 47. [National Association of Realtors Data].

The oldest first time home buyers I ever worked with were women in their late 50’s. One of the women had rented her entire life and decided that she wanted to invest in a place of her own.

She loved the apartment she was renting and comparing it with what she could buy at the time set the bar pretty high. We looked for months until she bought a beautiful condo just off Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

Another first-time homebuyer was divorced and bought her first home as a single person when she was over 55.  She bought an adorable little rambler that has been recently rehabbed.

The youngest first-time homebuyer I ever worked with was 19, I have worked with several who were in their early twenties.

The oldest home buyers I ever worked with were 78 years old. They downsized from a house to a townhouse. They weren’t first time home buyers but I am including them as an interesting statistic.

Working with homebuyers is generally harder work than working with sellers. It is extra challenging because of the seller’s market and the pandemic. Working with an experienced REALTOR is more important than ever.

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