Vote in person and vote early


Voting in person is important to some voters. It seems to be even more important because of the pandemic. For many of us, voting is important and so is being safe.  Even though our president and his family vote with absentee ballots many of his supporters consider it a badge of honor to vote in person.

Early voting in person is the best of both worlds. Voting early means fewer people at polling places on November 3rd which means less spread of COVID-19.

Here in Minnesota, early voting starts on September 18th at your local elections office. You can find your county election offices here. 

I’ll be using my absentee ballot and I will be dropping it off at my election office before election day. I would do it in person at the election office but to me, voting is more about helping choose our leaders and not so much about going to the polls or not.

I am voting early because I know that on an election day during a pandemic and a flu season things could go wrong.

If you need to vote in-person consider voting early so that we can make the voting process as safe as possible by having less crowded polling places on election day.

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