When a home office was more fun

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I talked to a few people this week who have been working from home way before the pandemic. I know I have officed mostly out of my house since late 2006. We all feel that it was more fun when everyone else went to work and we stayed home.

Since the late 1990’s I have been reading about how workers in the future will be working from home and about how most companies will have offices because people can not work from home or the only way for the business to function is by having everyone work from one location.

These days there are articles about how some large companies are going to let their employees work from home for at least another year and others have called their employees back into the office.

There are people who dislike working from home and people who love working from home. I hate to call it working from home because that makes it sound like I am not working and my workplace has been in my home for 15 years. If I went to an office for work I wouldn’t call it going to work I would call it working from the office.

I make a lot of housecalls too. It is actually hard to sell houses without going into one now and then. I used to go out to lunch a lot and meet with people in coffee shops. I am not sure which I miss the most the food and coffee or the people.

Now I mostly meet with people from my ZOOM room via video but I still make housecalls but not as many as I used to make in the before time.

Maybe you work from home or at home or maybe you go into work most days. Either way, I think having work right now is a good thing and something to be thankful for even if it involves wearing a funny hat.

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