The campaign sign question

A client asks if it is alright to have a campaign sign in his yard while his house is on the market. My answer is no. Don’t put up a sign supporting your favorite political candidate while your home in on the market.

It isn’t a huge deal chances are your house will sell quickly with or without the political sign.

If you don’t agree with my opinion go ahead and put the sign-out while the for sale sign is up.

My answer has more to do with depersonalizing the house than it has to do with the support of one candidate or another.

I read an article recently that suggesting that the sign in your next-door neighbor’s yard could cause a home buyer to reconsider the neighborhood. Good luck getting that neighbor to take it down.

We live in politically contentious times. People don’t just favor one political party. Many actually hate the other political party.

Dump Trump sign

If you are a home buyer your probably don’t need to worry about the political persuasions of your neighbors. Neighbors can make your life a living hell no matter which party they support.

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