Vote and be an election judge

Stickers handed out to people after they vote.
I voted sticker

Turn-out during the 2016 general election was pathetic.

  • Around 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election. – Business Insider.
  • However, those 138 million Americans only make up 58.1% of our voting-eligible population (those American citizens over 18). – United States Elections Project.
  • Our current president was elected by a little more than 25% of all registered voters.

We need to do better and it isn’t going to be easy during a pandemic. Please vote! You can get started today. Apply online for an absentee ballot. 

You may still be able to get a ballot for the August primary and send it back in time to be counted or can vote in that election now. It is a local election and every bit as important as the general election in November.

Early voting for the general election starts on September 18th. Absentee ballots should be mailed at least a week before election day or they may not make it back in time to be counted.  Learn how to get your absentee ballot from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

There is a desperate need for election judges. 1500 election judges are needed in Ramsey county alone so that all of the polls can be open on election day. There is a shortage of judges for both the August 11th primary and an even greater shortage for the November 3rd general election.

Election judges make in-person voting possible. They take care of the process from making sure voters are in the right place to registering voters and passing out ballots to handing out those lovely “I voted” stickers.

Learn more about what election judges do, visit the Ramsey County Election site Learn about how the county has responded to COVID-19, and what they are doing to make the process for in-person voting as safe as possible.

Sign up to be a Ramsey County election judge today. These are paid positions

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