Steamy days and warm nights

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. As I mentioned on July 1st I decided to challenge my self and ride my bike every day 55 days in a row.

So far I have gone out for a ride every day and have ridden about 110 miles.  Some days I had to ride in between the thunderstorms and a few days there were extreme heat advisories. One day I used my bike to run an errand and that was enough.

Early morning is by far the best time to go for a ride around the neighborhood or through the woods. It is cooler out and there is less traffic.

Here is a picture I took one steamy morning from the Smith Avenue Highbridge. I took it with my phone without any filters. It really was that steamy.

Picture of river valley
Steamy July Morning

One steamy moring out on my bike is better than any cold winter day.

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