Shortly after you buy a house something breaks

I see it all the time. A buyer has a house inspected and maybe asks the sellers for a repair or two. The day the buyers take possession or in the first week, they live in the house something breaks.

The buyer’s initial reaction is usually anger at the sellers. Usually what happens is that there was something wrong with the house that the seller was unaware of.

The new owners live differently and use the house differently than the previous owner did and as a result, something breaks. The most common types of problems new homeowners face are plumbing problems.

Clogged drains or sewers or a leaking pipe or spigot that is stuck or something really horrible like the sprayer at the kitchen sink doesn’t work.

Washing machines that won’t drain or that do drain and cause a flood in the basement or a shower drain that backs up because of a clog.

The previous homeowner isn’t responsible if something breaks. Sometimes things just break. Seriously they do. I have said it before and I’ll say it now there is always something broken in my house.

Most recently a couple of electrical outlets in the kitchen. There was no way to predict that they would fail and we have never had any problems with any electrical outlets in the house.

Everything breaks eventually. Having stuff break the month you move in is all too common.

My best advice to new homeowners is to make sure you have a small emergency fund available for unexpected repairs. That emergency fund is even more important for owners of old St. Paul houses.

If you really think that the seller left out some important details about the house you can always contact the seller or your agent and ask some questions.


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