Moving isn’t always the best option

I haven’t met anyone who really likes to move. The process can be stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes there are less expensive alternatives.

If you need a space that looks nice on camera for work/business you might not have to move to create such a space. My home office is fine for most everything but looks a little too homey on camera.  When I need a classier location for a video meeting I go to what I call my “ZOOM room”. The set-up works for any kind of virtual video meeting, but I use ZOOM.

I  moved a small desk away from the wall and hung up a large piece of green fabric on the wall to create a green screen. I can choose from a variety of backgrounds so that it looks like I am in a large office, or on a beach or in a yurt because I really like yurts. If I lived in a warmer climate I would have a yurt for an office.

In the before time the room was used for overnight guests. Most any room works and it can be a total mess.

For business meetings, I use the photo at the top of this site for my background. I even have a few pictures of conference rooms that come in handy.

Conference room

If you would rather have more space or a room with a view than a virtual background I would be happy to help you buy/sell some real estate. We can meet via video if you like for an initial consultation or by phone or email if you prefer.

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