A look back to July of 2019

I wrote this a year ago during a simpler happier time. These days the part of downtown that is near the Landmark Center and Library is like a ghost town. It is rare to see anyone in Rice Park. The park used to be a busy place.

The Lowertown area is a different story. There are a lot of people out and about all day and all night. For some reason, the city turned off and none of the fountains in St. Paul have water in them. The stream that used to run through Mears park is just a cement ditch.

Things have changed a lot since last July. This is what I wrote back then:

Parts of downtown St. Paul are getting a little sprucing up. Downtown St. Paul has been undergoing revitalization and sprucing up for the last several decades.

The efforts can be seen at the East and West ends of downtown. In the middle, there is a lot of pigeon poop on the sidewalks.

The Saint Paul Downtown Alliance is a new organization that represents downtown businesses, nonprofits, government entities, residents, and entrepreneurs to build a strong and vibrant downtown and create a positive downtown experience.

One very visible project to spruce up downtown St. Paul is the mosaic trash cans. I want to take pictures of all of them because they are really beautiful.  They were designed by Mosaic artist Daniela Bianchin.

Here is just one of the art pieces near Rice Park.

I am going to revisit this next July. I wonder what downtown will look like then. I wonder what the world will be like.

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