Masks and curfews

Masks and curfews are unrelated but I figured I would help get the word out. The mask rule for St. Paul is a little different than what I have seen for other cities. I have been wearing a mask inside in public places and stores and staying six feet away from others.

We do wear masks when working with clients and generally do everything we can to keep the six-foot distance. We also provide masks for our clients if they do not have one. Many appointments can be done virtually. I won’t wear a mask while on my own property. When I go for a walk or bike-ride I have one handy that I can put on if needed.

St. Paul mask rule

There is a curfew tonight in St.Paul and Minneapolis it starts at 10:00 PM. People have been arrested each night for being out after curfew, often while peacefully protesting. Sixty-six people were arrested in St. Paul last night for curfew violations.

There will be protests today as the community continues to demand justice. The protests are for the most part peaceful and people do what they can to stay six feet apart. There are thousands of peaceful protesters.

There are still a lot of boarded-up businesses. Yesterday was the first-day restaurants with outdoor dining could open since the stay at home orders. Very few did open but I noticed businesses sprucing up their outdoor seating. In some cases without removing the boards from the windows.

Last night was quieter than the last several nights. The only thing that kept me awake is the image of the president holding a bible. He had peaceful protesters shot with rubber bullets and tear gas so that he could stand in front of a church holding a bible upside down for a photo opp.

We should all be extra vigilant right now because the president hates blue states and he controls the biggest guns. There won’t be any healing words from the white house. Any response is likely to involve weapons.

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