COVID-19 is a tricky virus

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Local businesses are starting to open up. First outdoor dining was allowed and now limited indoor dining is allowed. This is all part of opening the economy.

Eating in a restaurant or on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant is now considered safe enough. I have no idea if that is true. I am not a doctor or scientist.

I can tell you that taking pictures of  Cossetta’s on the public sidewalk in front of Cossetta’s is not safe. Dave Cossetta doesn’t wear a mask when he chases people away and he doesn’t seem to believe in social distancing.

Dave Cossetta – chasing photographers off the sidewalk, in front of Cossetta’s

I miss the coffee shops. They had been open for take out only but that isn’t any fun. The whole point of coffee shops is to have a place to go that isn’t home. No one will chase you away for taking pictures.

Coffee shop
Claddagh on West 7th

If you are looking to dine out this weekend check out the patio at Burger Moe’s or the Hope Breakfast bar on Leech street at Grand avenue. DeGidios on West 7th made a wonderful outdoor dining area. They have good food.

I plan to go out and get some more pictures over the weekend.


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