Two wheels instead of four

It is Friday ad Fridays are for fun. I think Memorial Day is going to be a lot like Easter was. It will be warmer outside but that is the only difference I can think of.

Bike sales are way up. I am not at all surprised. Biking has been growing in popularity for several years. It is a wonderful way to get some exercise and enjoy nature while staying at least six feet away from the hoards of others who are doing the same thing.

My weekend plans include biking. I have been out a few times this year on the days when it has been warm enough to go outside and days without rain or gale-force winds. My bike is my favorite way to get to the Saint Paul Farmer’s market which is a wonderful place to buy food and support local farmers.

As the weather started to get warmer I noticed that the parks by my house got crowded. Biking seems safer right now especially on the city streets where there isn’t much traffic.

I took the picture year on Labor Day on the bike trail that goes past Pickeral lake in Lilydale Regional Park.

Bike trail
Bike trail – Pickeral lake

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and enjoy the outside any way you can.

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