What is old is new again

I wrote this back in 2015 and it wasn’t new then either. I wrote it to let people know that we can have long-distance relationships with home sellers.  Over the years I have worked with several sellers that I have not met in person.

These days with Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions real estate companies are scrambling to do what we have been able to do for years. Working with home sellers and buyers with little or no in-person contact.

Since 2015 the process of buying and selling real estate has gotten a lot easier because of the software we use. Everything is electronic or as some say “virtual”.

I wrote about it back in 2015 and working with remote clients wasn’t new then either:

view from a River Park Loft

Technology makes it easier than ever to work with out of town sellers. Sometimes I never meet get to meet the owners of the properties I sell in person.

It is easy to stay in touch and to let the owners know how often buyers are viewing the property and what they are saying about it.

A couple of years ago I sold a home for someone who was living in Sweden. As long as we were both mindful of that we were a few time zones apart it worked out pretty well. We were able to get some repairs made to the home and I was able to sell it in just a few weeks.

With electronic forms and signatures, it is very easy for me to get contracts signed and when the seller has an offer we can go over it and it can be signed without ever being printed.

Sellers don’t have to be present for the closing. The money can be wired to the sellers’ bank account.

No, you don’t have to live in Minnesota to sell your Minnesota property.

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