Tuesday is grocery day

Businesses on West 7th

I have been going to the grocery store every Tuesday, I try to do it during old people hours which are usually early in the morning.

Most of my friends and neighbors order online and use curbside pick-up or have groceries delivered. I probably should not be going to the store but I worry that it will close and I think that would be a great loss to the neighborhood.

Each time I go there is less on the shelves, fewer varieties of fresh produce, and less meat but there is still plenty of food.

Last week the car was making a kind of clunking noise. I took it to a small neighborhood shop and had it fixed. Car repairs are not fun but at least I was able to help a neighborhood business.

We cook at home a lot these days but I try to get one or two meals a week from a neighborhood small business that is within two or three blocks of where I live.

I have been able to get eggs and other food at the Farmer’s market. There are fewer vendors than there were last year. During the growing season, most of the produce I buy comes from the Farmer’s market and from my own garden.

There are many small businesses and neighborhood grocery stores that are not going to survive the pandemic and stay at home orders. The loss of small businesses is going to slow economic recovery.

I think my own small business can survive for a while but I don’t really know for sure. I do know that most of the money I make gets spent in my neighborhood.

I am going to continue shopping in the neighborhood for as long as I can. I will continue spending money as close to home as I can and I hope others will do the same.

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