Stay at home Monday 8

It was such a lovely weekend. I spent most of it outside but in my own yard. I think gardening is going to be a big thing this year. I’ll have some local real estate numbers this week.

I think home sales will be a bit lower in April than they were last year because fewer people are putting their homes on the market. This year will be the fourth or fifth year of fewer houses on the market in April.

So far there is no evidence that home values or prices are declining. The unemployment numbers for April will come out this week. I have seen all sorts of projections for the U.S. but none for Minnesota.

Nationwide we will likely see the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. Somewhere in the neighborhood of more than 20%.

Here in Minnesota, our unemployment rate was very low.

It should be an exciting week all around with some businesses opening again and all of those numbers.

Bleeding heart plant
Bleeding Heart

Spring is the best thing that is happening right now, don’t miss it.

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