Open houses are back

open houseDuring the Governors “Stay at home” order open houses were not allowed. There were a few open houses here and there but not many. Under the new “Stay Safe” order open houses are allowed.

Houses that are for sale often sell in a couple of days or hours without any kind of an open house. Open houses are a great opportunity for real estate agents to prospect and for homebuyers to do a little shopping. They are also an opportunity for neighbors and people who like to see houses.

The agents who are having open houses must do so in a safe way by limiting the number of people who can go in the house and requiring masks and keeping people at least six feet apart. Anything that people touch needs to be sanitized before, after, and during the open house.

If you have a home to sell you can say no to open houses. If you do not want anyone touring the house you can say no to showings. Homebuyers will make offers based on the pictures subject to inspection. During the inspection period, the buyer can tour the home with the inspector.

I have been out touring with home buyers. I have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for them. We can stay six feet apart. On some level touring homes for sale is safer than going to the grocery store. It took me weeks to accumulate enough PPE work with clients.

For now, selling real estate is fairly easy. The demand is high and the prices are not going down. We anticipate finishing the year with home prices up slightly from 2019. Open houses are not a not an essential part of the home sales process.

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