New Northern Office

Working from home isn’t new for me but staying home for meetings is. Many of those meetings are held using “ZOOM”.  My home office isn’t an ideal place for a meeting. For one thing, the cat keeps photobombing and my husband sometimes shows up in the video.

The lighting in my office is fine for most everything but it is behind me which doesn’t work well for video.

Over the weekend I rearranged some of the furniture in a bedroom that is used as a guest room. I don’t anticipate hosting any overnight guests for the rest of the year.  The room has a small desk.

I made a “green screen” out of green tissue paper leftover from the holidays and I set up a light stand that I use for photography to optimize the lighting for video. With the shades and curtains open the lighting is good.

The green screen allows me to use a photo as a background when I am on camera. I have some photographs of the St. Paul skyline and a few of the Coworking space I use.

My laptop hasn’t gotten much use since March. I put it on a book to raise it up and connected a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have some old school wired headphones that I can use too.

I can’t wait to use my second workspace. I call it my northern office because it is on the north side of the house, as opposed to my regular office which is in the South-West corner of the house.

Meeting in Progress
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