The A list and the B list


It isn’t business as usual for real estate agents. We are allowed to work on real estate transactions that have been started and help people who need to buy and sell.

Mortgage approvals and appraisals are happening and so are closings. During the last few weeks, I have been working extra hard to remove some of the problems caused by social distancing rules.

There are some companies that have a lot of rules and policies that are inflexible and those companies are unable to provide the level of customer service that I want for our clients and agents.

I started two lists. An A list and a B list. The A list is the companies that have been easy to work with. The title companies and banks and repair people who have gone that extra mile to make this all work.

The B list is a list of the companies that I have had to talk to and email with many times and in some cases, they still won’t or as they say “can’t” perform.

In general, I am finding that smaller companies are usually more able to change procedures and rules in order to get the job done during this challenging time. The larger companies just have rules that they care about more than they care about getting the job done. There are exceptions on both sides of course.

When this is all over I won’t be doing business with any companies that are on the B list because our clients deserve A list services and so do we.

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