Back to work Monday

Today is the day that some Minnesota workers will go back to work. Some offices will re-open and some manufacturing businesses too.  Today will feel like a Monday for some.

Schools are still closed with distance learning in place. Maybe we will see some traffic out on the streets?

Under the modified stay at home order, people who can work from home are encouraged to do so. I think part of the new normal is going to be more people working from home.

I have been mostly working from a home office since about 2007 or so. Usually, during the spring I spend a lot of my time out on appointments and working with clients. I have been working with clients during the last few weeks but most of the time I am doing so from my home office.

I have been busy most of the time too. Some local real estate companies have had to make some changes because their business revolves around having real estate agents use a central office. I know from experience recruiting agents that many need an office and the structure that some real estate companies provide.

What I really miss is being able to have in-person meetings and I really miss going out for lunch.

If you are going back to work away from home today good luck and be careful out there!

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