Surreal Friday – Day5

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Fun is hard to find during the apocalypse. I promise I will stop calling it the apocalypse. I’ll call today “day 5”. I have been busy working. Nothing has slowed down for me yet but I think it will.  I have spent much of the week solving unexpected problems both large and small.

I have always been a good problem solver. There wasn’t any way to anticipate or plan ahead which is how life works most of the time.

Things changed so fast that it has been hard to keep up. Many of the assumptions I had at the beginning of the week were challenged by mid-week.

Clients asked questions and I gave them one answer on Monday and another on Wednesday.

Small business are reaching and asking us to buy from them so they can stay in business. I have decided not to ask people to list their homes with me so that I can stay in business. Just like during the great recession and the housing market crash there won’t be help for my business.

We will order food from local restaurants once a week. Cooking at home most of the time is easier on the wallet and that is important during uncertain times.

While my neighbors were stocking up on toilet paper last week I stocked up on digital books. I borrowed them from the library to read on my kindle. I put a couple of books on hold and they will be trickling in. I also made sure that I have plenty of yarn.

African Flower crochet peice
African Flower Motif



People talk about the “new normal” so far each day has been a little different than the day before. Maybe it would be best if we tossed the idea of “normal” out the window.  I think resiliency and flexibility are more important right now.


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