Are you a snowbird wondering what to do?

We call them “snowbirds”. People who live in Minnesota during the summer and in Florida, Arizona or some other warm and sunny state during the winter.

Normally the snowbirds would be returning to Minnesota around Mid-April. This year many will stay where they are and that is the advice various state agencies are giving.

If you need or want to sell your home in Minnesota you do not have to be here to do that. There are companies that can pack up your stuff and a stager and cleaners can go in an make your house presentable. A photographer can photograph it and it can we can put it on the market.

Everything a home seller needs to sign can be signed electronically. Homeowners can stay involved every step of the way and monitor showings too.

A homeowners with access to the internet or with just a cell phone can accept and sign an offer. The closing can also be handled at a distance with the proceeds wired to your bank account.

None of this is new. I have worked with several out of state sellers that I have never met in person. It gets easier all the time and much easier than it was even a decade ago.

I have no idea if now is a good time to buy or sell. No one knows for sure but there are all kinds of reasons why people might want to sell a house and as of right now people are still buying houses.


Day #15 and Day 3 of Stay home Minnesota

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