Learning the new rules

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is day#13 of staying at home in Minnesota, or COVID-19 day 13. Yesterday I learned that not only is it hard to get tested for COVID-19 but it isn’t even possible to get a thermometer. Our health care clinic has them but they are in the pharmacy which is closed.

None of the drug stores have thermometers either. People who have a temperature are supposed to stay home. The thermometer I ordered from Amazon will arrive sometime between April 17 and May 4th.

I figure without thermometers or COVID-19 tests the numbers of people having the virus will remain low in Minnesota.

There are two basic rules to understand about the virus that we need to understand.

Rule 1:  If you need or want something so does everyone else and as a result, you can’t get it because people are hoarding it and the stores ran out. 

Rule 2: If you don’t need or want something plenty of it is available in every store. 

Last weekend I ran out of flour. I had been unable to find the stuff for the past couple of weeks. Earlier this week on the best day ever I found two 2 pound bags of the stuff. It must be old as the expiration dates are this October but I was thrilled to find it. The same day that I bought it a neighbor dropped off not one but two five-pound bags of flour.

It is like I got up in the morning with less than a cup of flour in the house and by the end of the day, I had 14 pounds of the stuff. It gives me hope that we will find toilet paper before we run out and maybe even a thermometer.


Stay home and stay safe.

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