Lead or copper? What is your water line made of?

I read a story of the weekend about tow little boys and how exposure to lead affected their lives.  I have written about lead-based paint a few times.

Most of the houses I sell are old and I tell my clients to assume that there is lead-based paint in the home and to have it tested before disturbing it.

The drinking water in your home can contain lead if there is lead in the plumbing and or the water line going from the street into your home is made of lead.

If you own a home in St. Paul you can use the account number on your water bill to look up your waterline and see if it is made from lead or copper.

Find more information on the City of St. Paul household water page


screenshot from of water line look-up result

Lead waterlines are most common for houses built before 1926 which is most of my neighborhood including my own home but the waterline was upgraded in the late 1980’s

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