open houses are strongly discouraged

Some local real estate companies said that open houses are safe because their agents got special training. Other real estate companies said no more open houses. My attitude about it is that if the people who work in the local restaurants do not get to go to work I shouldn’t disrespect them by having open houses. We really are all in this together.

Open houses are advertised in our MLS and then sent out a notice stating that:

“Effective immediately and until further notice, the scheduling of Open Houses in NorthstarMLS has been suspended. Also, any currently scheduled Open Houses in the NorthstarMLS system have been canceled and removed from the MLS. This action will remove the publication of Open House dates from IDX feeds and syndication to public-facing websites, as well.”

It all has to do with us keeping our distance from each other so that we don’t all get sick at once and flood hospitals with people who can’t breathe.

The good news is houses are still selling. At least for now. I think it is because of pent up demand and low-interest rates. That demand will weaken as jobs are lost. Right now we don’t know how many people will be laid off.


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