Choose the Realtor first


There are many wonderful apps for home buyers. There are a few where all you have to do is find a house and tap on a link to schedule an appointment.

The apps belong to real estate companies, real estate agents and companies that sell “leads” to real estate agents.

Go ahead and use the apps, they will save time and make your home search easier.

If you plan to work with a buyers agent choose the agent by interviewing a few or getting recommendations from people you know not by tapping on an app.

I recently worked with a home buyer who found his agent through an app. He found that the agent had no experience in the neighborhood or with the condos he wanted to see.

No matter who you choose to work with you should be able to use the apps that you love.

For years I have worked with people who use the web site of a major real estate company to search for homes. It is one of the best hoe searches out there.

Developing software and working with home buyers are two very different occupations that require different skill sets.

I strongly encourage buyers who wish to shop for a home online or with their phone to choose the web site or the app that they find the easiest to use and the most useful.


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