Old rules about selling in spring

It used to be some kind of a rule that spring was the time to sell a house. Actual home sale data for the metro area tells a different story.  The number of homes on the market goes way down in the winter which makes it harder for buyers and results in fewer home sales.

The math is simple, when there are fewer homes on the market there are fewer home sales.

The median number of days that a home in the twin cities was on the market in January was 23 days which is the same as it was last May. It is a myth that homes take longer to sell in the winter. That rule no longer applies.

The mythology persists that home sellers who sell in the spring sell for more money. It didn’t work that way last year. Average prices have gone up since last spring.

Right now there are only 245 houses on the market in St. Paul that do not have offers on them. Anyone who is waiting until spring to sell is missing out on a hot seller’s market.

Sunrise Mississippi River
Winter Sunrise over St. Paul

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