The flight of the bumble bees

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I love to garden. I always have. It is the Burpee seed catalog and some gardening books that help me make it through the long winter.

In the last decade or so I have been planting more pollinator-friendly plants. Pollinator gardens are popular in my neighborhood as people plant flowers in yards and on boulevards.

According to scientists, there are fewer bees and yesterday bumblebees were in the news again as scientists believe bumblebees are facing extinction. The bumblebee population in Europe and North America has decreased by 40% in recent years.

If you have been planting pollinator gardens it may seem like there are more bees than ever before. There are actually fewer bees you are just noticing them more but please keep planting those native plants.

Visit the University of Minnesota Extension for information and ideas for pollinator-friendly gardens and landscaping.

Next summer I’ll try to get some bumblebee portraits.

honey bee on purple aster


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