More houses to come on the market soon

During the holiday’s homeowners sometimes have their houses put in a “temporarily not available to show” status so that they remain for sale

old brick building and new apartment building
Panama Flats and Irvine Exchange apartments

but no showings are allowed. That way they can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about people wanting to tour their home.

When homes for sale are put in the TNAS status they kind of disappear from web sites and apps that show homes for sale.

Starting as early as today those houses will start going active again. If you are serious about buying a house now is the time to watch the market while others are headed for the gym or emersed in finding recipes for their keto diet or busy riding their stationary bike.

There will also be some homes that will come on the market for the first time in January, which is a good thing because right now there are fewer than 400 homes for sale in St. Paul.

Sellers should be aware that for the last several years the spring housing market is well underway by the end of January.

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