Get your snow rake today

The first snow will mark the beginning of ice dam season. One of the best ways to prevent ice dams on roofs is to remove the snow before it has a chance to melt and freeze and turn into ice. You do not have to clear the whole roof, even getting a few feet along the edge will male a big difference.

You can shovel your roof with a roof rake. They can be purchased at most building materials stores and they are not very expensive especially as compared to repairing water damage caused by water pooling on the roof because of the ice dams.

We are still looking for someone to repair some drywall that was ruined by a roof leak caused by an ice dam.

For those who like to shop online, it looks like Amazon had roof rakes too. The reason I am writing this now is because roof rakes are seasonal items and the stores seem to run out of them as soon as there is a major snowstorm.

To learn about snow and ice dams go to the University of Minnesota Extension web site and read up. Knowledge is power.

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Ice rake
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