I really hate modern “Holiday” movies

Wonderful life

It is Friday and Friday’s are for fun. Today is Black Friday which can be fun. Last year I scored a new phone for about $200 dollars off and didn’t even have to leave the house to buy it. This year I plan on bagging a refrigerator.

My favorite Christmas movie is “It’s a wonderful life”. It was released in 1947 and only one or two great Christmas movies have been released since.

Modern Holiday movies always center around two white people, one man, and one woman, between the agents of 21 and 55 falling in love because of the magic of Christmas. They are either recovering from a bad break-up or the death of a significant other.

Sometimes they are moving back to a town that they left right after college or are estranged from their family and return to fall in love with someone they don’t like at all.

Apparently, for many people, Christmas is about falling in love. It is understandable why some people get a little depressed during the holidays. They probably watch too many holiday movies.

For fun, this holiday season watch the original 1947 version of It’s a wonderful life.


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