Closets can be improved

When making home improvements or when getting a house ready for sale don’t forget the closets!  If you have an old house in St. Paul your closets are


probably fairly small.

There is one closet in my house that had not been touched in 30 years. Over the weekend I emptied it out and painted the inside white, added some small wire wall mounted baskets and put shelf liner on the shelves.

As I went through everything I had in the closet I was able to move some of it to other storage areas in the house and eliminate about 25% of it. I have to say I love the end result. I borrowed some ideas from Marie Kondo.  Also, look for ideas on Pinterest and YouTube.

The closet was packed to the point where I couldn’t really see what was in it. Now it has plenty of space and the white walls make it look larger and more appealing.

Local home improvement stores offer many affordable shelving options, storage containers, paint and shelf paper.

White is the perfect color for closets unless they are lined with cedar and there are a zillion shades to choose from.


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