what is wrong with that house?

Lately, we have been seeing houses go off the market because the seller accepted an offer but the house goes back on the market a short time later. It happens and it isn’t always about the house. Sometimes the buyers change their minds and we are seeing more of that these days.

Homebuyers compete for houses and have to make decisions quickly because houses do not stay on the market long. It is easy to get swept up in the process and sometimes the drama. Once buyers have a chance to think about it or look the property over again they regret making that over the asking price offer.

The house ultimately ends up back on the market and sometimes it will go on and off more than once before the offer sticks.

Sometimes offers do fall through because of the house and sometimes they fall through because of the buyer and sometimes it is a combination of the two. Do not reject a house because it had an offer on it that fell through. At least give it a look.



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