The wacky world of windows

windowsI have had home buyers have an inspection and ask to have all the windows replaced or ask for a significant amount off the asking price of one of my listings because they didn’t like the windows.

Most St. Paul homes are old and many have old windows. My house has windows from the 1800s. They go up and down and work just fine.  It is true that just about any problem with a window can be fixed by replacing the window, but there are also less expensive options that maybe even better.

Sometimes new storm windows are all that is needed and sometimes windows can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of having new windows installed. Other times it is a matter of caulking and making other repairs.

Installing new windows in an old house rarely pay for themselves in resale value and may pay for themselves in energy savings but it will take decades.

Some old houses have deteriorating window frames and trim that need repair or replacement that isn’t usually a standard part of window replacement.

Replacing a large old wooden window with an inexpensive vinyl window isn’t always an improvement but more of a short term solution. The window may fail and need to be replaced because it can not be repaired.

Home improvement companies will sometimes talk homeowners out of window repairs probably because they don’t make repairs.

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