The scammers keep calling

scam likely

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I used to answer my phone right away because I wanted to respond to clients and potential clients. These days I usually let my calls go to voice mail and if there is a message I return the call quickly.  Most of the calls I get are from someone who shows up on my caller I.D. as “Scam Likely”

I kind of miss being able to use my phone like I used to. The calls that come in during the lunch and dinner hour are almost always spam or scam calls and so are the calls that come in after 8PM.

Answering the phone used to be such an important part of running a business. It hasn’t been easy for me to break the habit. Yesterday I accidentally answered and was warned that my car warranty will run out if I don’t act immediately so I acted by hanging up immediately.

I don’t ever want to put anyone on hold and make them listen to a recording about how important their call is. I figure not answering the phone and waiting for a message is actually kinder and I really do call back quickly unless the message is left by a machine in which case I delete it.

There isn’t any chance I would ever buy anything over the phone. There isn’t any way for anyone to get me to say my social security number either. Some have tried, all have failed. Someone claiming to be the IRS called several times last March and someone claiming to be fbi calls now and then as well.

Someone somewhere must be falling for some of the scams or no one would bother doing them. Whoever you are please just stop answering the phone.


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