Instant offers for your house


Instant offer programs, sometimes called “guaranteed offers”  are gaining popularity. The way it works is a company buys your house. They turn around and sell it. Homeowners don’t have to make repairs and can close quickly or even on the exact day they want to close.

Generally, the homeowner gets less money than she would get in a traditional sale but it is fast and convenient and there is almost always a price for convenience. The guesswork is taken out of selling the home. No need to wonder when an offer will come or when it will close.

If you read the fine print you will learn that there are some restrictions and that the house must qualify. Houses in St. Paul rarely qualify because they are too old.  Usually, they have to have been built after 1969 and even that is too old for some of the instant buyers.

There is one company that will even buy old houses that need a lot of work and there are investors who will buy houses, fix them up and sell them.

You can sell any home quickly in St. Paul without ever having an open house and without making any repairs or upgrading anything.

Real estate has always been an asset that takes time to liquidate. Maybe that will change someday even for old houses.  Until then I would be happy to help sell any old house in St. Paul. I actually like old houses.




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