How I had fun last week

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It has been an unusually stressful week. I have a theory about how people get a little crazy this time of year because they are in a hurry to buy or sell real estate or move before . . . well you know what comes next. Real estate emergencies are far more common in the Fall than they are during the seasons before and after.

I decided to spend part of the last full day of summer on my bike. I went to one of my favorite places. Lilydale Regional Park. Some of the trails through the park were closed or partly closed most of the summer because of high water. The road through the park is partially closed which makes biking even more enjoyable.

Here is are a couple of pictures I took near Pickerel Lake. I had to get extra close to photograph the bee.

Bee on purple aster
Bike trail
Bike trail – Pickerel lake

I recommend walking or biking through the park before . . . . well, you know.  Try walking, riding or running without music or podcasts.

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