Time to move north

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Climate change is kind of like gravity. It doesn’t matter what a person believes it is getting warmer even here in Minnesota. July 2019 was the warmest month on record. It was warm in Minnesota too but we still have a lot of cold here in the Northland.

Minnesota Climate

Now is a great time to move to Minnesota . . it won’t snow until December or January and it will be warm enough to go outside until at least mid-November. Minnesota winters are shorter and warmer than they used to be but are still very long and brutally cold.

Earlier this year temperatures dipped down to -27 with a high for the day of -13.  There were three days in a row where the lows were below -20.  It looks like we have had two days this year with a high of 90 degrees. That is 117-degree temperature range in a six month period. You just can beat that for variety. Earthquakes are rare here and we are far from the rising seas.


Taken March 10th 2019 St. Paul, MN

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