The tiny bungalow kitchen

The kitchen is from one of those adorable 1920’s craftsman-style bungalows.  These houses were made or entertaining with beautiful dining rooms that have built-in buffets. They are usually small houses that are one to 1.5 stories and at the time they were built with simplicity and affordability in mind.

Often the kitchens in these homes are tiny as in 9 X 9 and they may have an old-style radiator under the one window and there isn’t any place to put the fridge except in that little space by the back entryway or the small hallway by the basement door.

This particular home has a small kitchen with little useable counter space but plenty of storage because the designer took advantage of the vertical space.


More often than not the kitchens in these homes can not be expanded but it is a trade-off and the people who love these homes buy them and come up with all sorts of creative ways to make the kitchen more user-friendly. In fact, several books have been written about these kitchens and how to make the most out of them.

They really don’t build houses the way they used to. Heck, small affordable houses are rarely built at all anymore.

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