Sunrise over the lake

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Fridays are also the day that a lot of good Minnesotans go “up to the lake”.  I have friends who live on lakes north of “the cities” and spend summer weekends at lakes “up north”.

People who live outside of the Twin Cities like to go “up to the cities”. Minnesotans can go “up to the cities” no matter which direction they need to travel get there.

I am not sure where “up north” starts, but it ends in southern Canada. The state of Minnesota is a northern state. Even southern Minnesota is north.

Every Minnesotan should have a lake to go up to. There are plenty of lakes in the cities but they are not “up north”. Lake Superior is my “up north” and “up to the lake”.

Lake Superior
Lake Superior at Grand Marais MN
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