State fair and home improvement time

Nothing like the Minnesota State Fair and it starts today and ends on Labor Day. I go to the fair every three to five years. Our state fair is the largest in the county by average daily attendance and the second largest in the country by total attendance. It is a big deal and if you have never been you should go.

State Fair time is also a great time to check around for sales. I have purchased major appliances at fair time and gotten some great deals. Also look for siding, window and roofing sales. Visit the home improvement building at the State Fair.  I love the Creative activities building too. There really is something for everyone at the Fair.

For me, the best days to go to the fair are the first couple of days when everything is still fresh. The hundreds of thousands of people tend to trample everything down. Going after dark or getting there when it opens is fun too. The State Fair changes a little every year but never really changes. I still remember going with my parents and grandparents when I was 5 years old. The fairgrounds are full of memories and colorful too.

minnesota state fair


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