Metro area in the top 20 for elder orphans

The term “elder orphan” keeps cropping up in information about senior housing. According to, the Twin Cities are number 14 in the top 20

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larger cities that are “elder orphan” friendly.

I am sure you have seen the senior housing ads that feature two old people, one man and one woman smiling at each other as they enjoy some activity in senior housing.

The future doesn’t look that way for 25% of baby boomers who are single and childless.

Cities that are elder orphan friendly have affordable safe housing and an excellent transportation system and residents have access to health care. I would think that living close to siblings and friends might be helpful too.

Senior housing is still a vague term. It can mean 55+ condos or apartments or assisted living apartments or even skilled nursing facilities. For many baby boomers, senior housing means living in the same home they lived in when they were younger.

For many moving isn’t an attractive option which means it is unlikely that orphan elders will flock to the metro area to take advantage of the orphan elder friendliness.

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