I love/hate my phone


It is Friday, and Fridays are for fun.  I will admit I am rather fond of my phone and I rely on it and use it all day long and sometimes I even use it to make phone calls. I lose my phone several times a week.

Yesterday I lost it in my car and found it by calling myself with another phone.  A couple of weeks ago I lost it at the downtown Farmer’s market.

I totally panicked when I reached for my phone and it wasn’t there.  I retraced my steps through the market.  I checked the brussel sprouts (I love brussel sprouts doesn’t everyone?) and the beets and went past the honey and checked the corn stand.  I could not find it anywhere even though it is in a bright pink plastic case.

It is a good thing I did not report the phone missing because I found it in my other back pocket and not in the pocket I usually put it in. I have lost my phone while I was holding it.

I actually wrote this post in 2013. My phone has more uses than ever now. I can use it to check to see if the wash is done, and I can adjust the thermostat and I can use an app I have to unlock electronic lockboxes on houses. I can turn the lights in my house on and off and check the cameras in my office. There is more of course.

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