Other people’s clients looking for a second opinion

realtor_r_blueIt happens all the time. Home sellers and buyers who are under contract with a real estate agent want a second opinion so they call or email another agent. It is easy to second guess another agent but I won’t do it. I don’t know the whole story and I am not comfortable judging someone else. There are all sorts of situations where people want free advice . . . because it is free.

Sometimes people get their second opinions from friends and family via Facebook or other social media sites. That isn’t where I would ever go for a second opinion but for a lot of people when they need advice even medical advice that is where they go.  It is pretty easy to find a real estate agent who will give free advice to other people’s clients.

People who are having trouble with a real estate agent should talk to that agent. If the agent isn’t doing his or her job as outlined in the buyers or sellers contracts buyers or sellers can ask the agent to cancel the contract.

If that doesn’t work or isn’t an option the next step is to call the real estate company and ask to talk to the broker. Real estate agents work under real estate brokers and the broker is responsible for the agent’s actions. Most brokers will defend whatever their agent does because . . . that is what they do.

If the agent is a Realtor® (Member of the national association of Realtors) and has done something unethical consumers can file an ethics complaint through the Minnesota Association of Realtors. There is a code of ethics and the specific article that was violated needs to be stated in the complaint.

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