Not a stationary biker

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I know that riding a bike that doesn’t have a screen attached and that moves isn’t for everyone but it is for me. Yesterday I got in an early morning 26-mile ride through Lilydale regional park to the three rivers trial.  I don’t wear headphones or keep track of my speed. I like to hear the bald eagles scream and hear the pileated woodpeckers when I ride through the woods.  I want to see the pretty goldfinches and wildflowers.

I found some lovely wild irises blooming along the trail near Pickeral lake.

Dwarf woodland  iris


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One Reply to “Not a stationary biker”

  1. I don’t wear headphones or ear buds either – I’d rather enjoy the sounds of nature and also hear if another biker comes up on me or a car, etc. I just feel safer and more in tune to what’s going on around me.

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