July 4th is a bit different in St. Paul

There was a time not long ago when the City of Saint Paul had a public fireworks display for all to enjoy. Those days are gone and all we have are the memories and pictures of fireworks at the State Capital.

Last year the mayor announced that there will be no fireworks because the city has other budget priorities (we are broke). In recent years they have been launched from Lowertown ballpark where few people could see them. I’ll always associate the loss of public fireworks displays with the opening of CHS field because that is when they stopped being public.

July 4th is a national day of celebration. Towns and suburbs all around us have parades, celebrations, and beautiful public fireworks displays. It is a day for picnics, barbeque grills, family, and swimming.

If you are in town over the 4th head over to  Minneapolis for a beautiful public fireworks display put on by Minneapolis department of parks and recreation with help from some private sector donors. There will be events all day including a half marathon in the morning. 

We can blame the mayor for the lack of celebration in St. Paul but it isn’t totally his fault. He inherited the mess and it looks like he will pass it along to his successor.  There is an opportunity to build and inclusive free event for the July 4th holiday. A celebration that could foster civic pride.

Maybe our next mayor will help bring July 4th celebration back to St. Paul.

July 4th fireworks over the Mississippi River

Fireworks 2014 St. Paul, MN

Downtown St. Paul in the middle of the day on July 4th 2018.

Downtown St. Paul


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