After today no more texting and driving

Effective August 1, 2019 – it is against the law touch cell phone while driving. I guess electronic messaging while driving was already against the law.

Highlights of the new law:

• Amends the definition of wireless communications
device (e.g., cell phone or personal electronic device
that can transmit data):
• Dedicated GPS and some types of radios are not
considered wireless communications devices
• Devices being used for navigation purposes (such as
through a smartphone app) are treated as wireless
communication devices
• In addition to the existing ban on electronic messaging,
prohibits a motor vehicle operator from
• Engaging in cellular phone calls
• Accessing various content on the device, including
video, audio, and apps
• Allows hands-free device use for calling
• Allows GPS features to be used, if it is in hands-free
mode without requiring typing
• Allows device use for audio content, if it is in hands-free
mode without requiring scrolling or typing.

I have been using a nifty little phone holder that fits on the air vent in my car. It is inexpensive and very low tech.  I use the blue tooth to listen to text messages and can send a response back without typing but I almost never do. I like the idea of driving without talking on the phone or responding to messages.

The penalty for violating the law is a petty misdemeanor, carrying a $50 fine for the first violation and a $275 fine for subsequent violations.

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